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History of Leprosy

International Leprosy Association -
History of Leprosy


Makete Leprosarium


Category Leprosarium
Country Tanganyika
Address Tukuyu, Makete
Current Address Rungwe, Tanzania


Dr ND Fraser visited the leprosarium in 1961, and made the following observations:

'At the Tukuyu Government Hospital I met Dr. Carson and Sister Macnamara and accompanied them on a routine visit to the leprosarium. Dr. Wheate, formerly Medical Superintendent had been transferred to Ghazi; Mr. Powell, a BLRA [sic] worker had resigned to take up work for the blind; Sister Pedersen was on leave, and a new African Medical Assistant had just recently taken up his duties.'

There 650 patients under treatment, with hospital beds for 36. Twelve out-patient clinics attend to some 3,000 patients. In spite of serious staff shortages the work seemed to be well maintained. Carson, who was to retire at the end of the month, saw all the patients in the wards and showed me over the leprosarium, including the new Church, which is a very attractive building.

The leprosarium has some 5 sq. miles of land for cultivation. The Minster of Health at Dar-es-Salaam, however, feels it is a mistake for the Medical Department to be responsible for agricultural developments and it looks as if part of this land may be taken over for other use.

The major problem is one of staff shortage, which is affecting nearly all the medical work in Tanganyika.

Source: ND Fraser, "A review of leprosy work in Ethiopia, Uganda, N. Rhodesia and Tanganyika", Lep Rev, 33.2 (1962): 141-153; on p. 148.


BELRA/LEPRA workers associated with this leprosarium:-

Mr Lambert, lay worker, 1941-1946 (Awarded the MBE in 1942)
Mr R Taylor, lay worker, 1946
Mr Stanley Alderson, lay worker, 1946-1955
Dr Cyril Wallace, doctor, 1950
Mr & Mrs Fred Hobbs, nurses, 1951-1953
Dr Harold Wheate, doctor, 1954-1956
Mr Peter Ellis, lay worker, 1955-1960
Mr Allan Powell, lay worker, 1957-1960
Mr B Waters, lay worker, 1961-1962

Source: Information supplied by LEPRA.

Entry updated 19 Sept, 2006.

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