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    History of Leprosy


    Central Leprosy Training and Research Institute (CLTRI)


    Category Hospital/Research Institute
    Country India
    Address Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Telephone +91 04114 226275
    Fax + 91 04114 226064


    The records here are in an extremely vulnerable condition and are, as yet, uncatalogued, yet they represent some of the most important records of clinical, research work, and trials conducted into dapsone resistance and collaboration in clinical trials of combined drug regimens to establish WHO MDT. In addition, the records for the children's clinic at Saidapet are here. Unfortunately, there are no records from before the 1950s, of the Lady Willingdon Sanatorium remaining.

    Below is a preliminary list of the records:

    Some of the files at Central Leprosy Training and Research Institute, Chingleput

    Visitor books from 1959 to 2002

    Dispensary records

    THELEP records

    Proposal from Dr Noordeen to the Medical Research Institute Florida for funding (THELEP) 1981-84, includes project description, objectives, rationale, progress reports

    THELEP Individual Observation Records

    Health Education as an Alternative Strategy for Case Detection

    Rural Field Operation – Body Charts (1985)

    UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, 9 th Meeting of the THELEP Steering Committee Geneva, 8-10 April 1981

    The Foundation for Medical Research11 March 1918, Dr Sansarricq, THELEP Project, “Study of Bacteriological Load and Viability of M Leprae in Human Nerves, containing an interim summary from Dr Antia

    Progress Report on “Synthesis of Clofazimine Analogues and their Evaluation for Antimycobacterial and Mutagenic Activity” Principal Investigator: Dr M L Conalty. Ireland. THELEP. Chemotherapy of Leprosy 1975-1980.

    Schieffelin Leprosy Research and Training Centre: Karigiri, Neuritis Workshop (List of Participants included) 12-14 March 1980

    IMMLEP/THELEP Review, February 1981

    Research Strengthening TDR/Leprosy Component – Position Paper

    Progress Reports July 1978- October 1980; March 1981

    Clinical Trial in Bamako, Marchoux Institute, C A P Ferracci (19 Febuary 1981)

    WHO 9 th Meeting of THELEP Steering Committee, 8-10 April 1981

    THELEP Address Book of people involved in trial

    WHO – Application for Scientific Work Group Collaborative Research Project, THELEP, to determine the incidence of primary dapsone resistance leprosy in Cuba

    CLTRI Tirumani Biopsy Reports, including the name and assigned an number from B01-B999; B 1007-B1600

    Contact cards for Children at Sidapet

    Dr M S Nilakanta Rao, “A Trial on the Use of ‘Fanasil’ (Ro4-4393) in the Treatment of Leprosy”, published October 26 (1965)

    SWG: Chempotherapy of Leprosy (THELEP): “Short Term Human Trial of Clofazamine in Previously Untreated Lepromatous Leprosy (BL-LL range) Using Multi-Drug Regimens (Project No 780 315) (1978-1984) (Includes Master Chart with Draft Protocol, Records, Charts)

    Clinical and Daily Census File (2 July 1992 – 31 December 1992; 30 June 1992 – 1 July 1992)

    Proposal from Drs Ramanujam and Ramu and Swaminathan to demonstrate the R A Factor in leprosy Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor

    Correspondence from Dr Ramanijam with suppliers to do with MHQ powder 2-mercapto-3-hydrazino-quinoxalin)

    Plan numbering buildings “Proposed Numbers for Buildings in the Institute”

    1965 Report of the Leprosy Assessment Sub-Committee, 7 th Meeting

    (1 st Meeting 23 November 1961 in Calcutta; 2 nd 23-25 July 1963 in Poona; 3 rd 25 January 1964 in Bhopal; 4 th 20-21 March 1964 in New Delhi)

    Records of 1986 Trial of Levamisole

    983 Prothionamide Therapy

    1986, 1987 WHO Regimen

    Mouse Footpad (1 August 1987) (MB sulphone resistant)

    Cases of dapsone resistance (1977) and admission and administration of “Lamprene”

    1986 RFT cases. Pulse Therapy – Dapsone and Clofazamine and Rifampicin for some

    1960s and 70s files DDS treatment and photographs

    Rifampicin Trial 1977-78

    Drs C G S Iyer and P S Seshadri, “Experiences in the Therapy of Leprosy” (Experiences with Rifampicin in the Treatment of Lepromatous Leprosy)

    Drs P S Seshadri and N T Rair “Treatment of Sulphone Resistant Leprosy: A Review of Sixty-One Cases” (draft submitted IAL Cinference, September 1987)

    Annual reports from Dr Ramanujam 1971-75, 1972, 1973, 1975 (Clinical Investigations) on dosage of DDS, DDAS, DDS and Thiazetazone

    Protocol of Cimetidine Therapy (for peptic ulcers due to drug reactions), files of patient records 1-.5,000 from 1990s onwards

    Records on Sulphone Resistance (1970s)

    CIM Study

    THELEP files (PSS files)

    File for Dr Indira Nath 1984 “WHO Lepromatous Leprosy Trial/ Protocol for Seriological Investigation of Rifampicin Toxicity in Previously Untreated Lepromatous Leprosy Patients Receiving Rifampicin” Case record 1985 (1407-4107) (24 January 1985-30 April 1985)

    Sidapet Contact Cards 1958

    1968 correspondence between Dr Ramanujam and Ray Narain concerning trial BCG with relation to TB “Tuberculosis Prevention Trial” ICMR

    Open trial with Thalidomide versus Clofazamine (50 cases) Dartos Muscle Study

    Clinical Division: Lepromin Register

    Prothionamide Therapy Study (1984-85)

    Correspondence with and reports to the Indian Council of Medical Research

    Annual Report of the Clinical Division 1962

    Monthly returns for the Mobile Unit 1964-1974 (No of Cases, New Cases, Attendance Records)

    Folders on Chemoprophylaxis and Immunoprophalaxis with copy of J Kinnear Brown,“BCG Vaccination of Children Against Leprosy: First Result of Trial in Uganda” BMJ No 5478, 1 (1966): 1-58 and WHO Technical Report Series: WHO Expert Committee on TB 8 th Report, No 290

    Clinical Division Patients’ Files 1967

    File: Correspondence between Bechelli and Iyer on “Combined Treatment DDS-Streptomycin – Isonicotinic Acid Hydrazide” WHO 1967

    File: Geigy Lamprene

    Brief Note on the Activities of the Investigation Section of the Clinical Division

    List: Pulse Regime, THELEP Patients

    File: Costicosteroids

    File: Immunology Study DNP-HAS (Dinitropheny Human Serum Albumin), including correspondence between Drs Ramu and Ramanujam and David Nelson (Yale) (1966)

    File: Study of Alectra Parasitica Rhizone (1963)

    File: Tincture of Achyranthes Aspara 7 October 1961

    File: Collaborative Work with ENT Surgeon CMC

    Trials of Lepsulmin (1963)

    Drugs Register

    File: Relapse and Annual Report 1971

    File on ENL

    Correspondence with WHO (Bechelli and C G S Iyer) (1968)

    File: Detection of Cases, DDS Study

    Open Trial with Clofazimine and Thalidomide in Recurrent Lepra reaction from 20 February 1973 (also with a register for drug supply)

    Oflaxacin Study (THELEP) 1989-1992

    List of Patients for ETISUL Ointment Group

    Folder: Leprosy Association SubCommittee (1964)

    Contract Agreement Form from His Excellency the Governor of Madras (Purchaser) with the Contractor (Supplier of Food) for the LWL Sanatorium at Truimani (1953 -)

    Entry made November 15, 2005


    Name Dr P K Oommen
    Organization Central Leprosy Training and Research Institute (CLTRI, Chingleput)
    Address Tirumani (Chingleput), India.
    Telephone +91 04114 226275
    Fax +91 04114 226064

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