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Stead (Reed), Anne - Personal Collection


Category Personal Collection
Country Australia
Address 40 Floreat Street, Narrogin WA 6312, Australia.
Telephone + (08) 9881 4564


Anne (Reed) Stead worked as laboratory technician at Gemo, Papua New Guinea from Febuary 1968 to August 1969, where people with leprosy and tuberculosis were kept. At that time, new wards were built and the capabilities of the laboratory increased.

Mrs Steed has a collection of letters that she wrote, on a weekly basis, to her mother, when she was there. These letters afford a valuable insight, not only into her adjustment to life there as a newly qualified laboratory technician, from Western Australia, but also into people and events at Gemo and associated places during that period.

Entry made December 9, 2005


Name Mrs Anne Stead
Address 40 Floreat Street, Narrogin, Western Australia 6312
Telephone + (08) 9881 4564

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