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    National Archives of Fiji


    Category Institutional Archive
    Country Fiji
    Address National Archives of Fiji, Government Buildings, P.O. Box 2125, Suva, Fiji


    Records held at the National Archives of Fiji date back to 1911 when a leprosy colony was established on the island of Makogai. This island was also used as an isolation centre for some of the Pacific islands including New Zealand.

    Records held are mainly patients' medical records. These are as follows:

    • Makogai Chart [patients folders  from Makogai]
    • Deceased Files [patients folders from Tamavua]
    • Admission Registers
    • Albums

    In addition, records relating to leprosy are listed below:

    Colonial Secretary's Office (CSO) - Minute Papers: 1875 - 1930

    CSO Secretariat Files: F48 - Medical Department [1931 - 1960's] General Correspondence Files

    • F48/11: Lepers for Makogai
    • F48/3: Central Leper Hospital Makogai
    • F48/57:Gifts to Makogai
    • F48/58: Makogai Christmas Day and Comfort Fund
    • F48/58/1: Makogai Lepers Rehabilitation and Sick Comfort Fund
    • F48/84: Lepers - Rules governing the conditional discharge of
    • F48/101: Visit to Makogai for Course of Instruction
    • F48/109: Control Leper Asylum, Makogai - Reviews of arrangement with other governments for administration of
    • F48/120: Lepers in Rotuma.
    • F48/138: Lepers - Settlement of private affairs on removal to Makogai
    • F48/15: Makogai Leper Asylum - Miscellaneous matters regarding
    • F48/4/12: Reports for 1930 - 1935: Makogai
    • F48/57/1: Gifts to Makogai - Launch donated for patients
    • F48/57/2: Gifts to Makogai; Gifts donated by the Rotary Club [Wagon & Movie Pictures]
    • F48/200: Discharged Lepers from Makogai. Housing of - awaiting transport to their homes
    • F48/206: Hostel in Suva for Makogai nursing staff
    • F48/233: Makogai - Public Works etc...
    • F48/296: Leprosy - Methods of treatment etc...
    • F48/318: Solomon Island lepers - Assistance for from NZ Leper Trust Board
    • F48/319: Ex lepers - Employment and assistance to
    • F48/330: Makogai sisters' welfare
    • F48/358: Leper station Makogai - Illustrated brochure regarding
    • F48/370: Mosque Makogai
    • F48/380: Club room Makogai
    • F48/102: Visits to Makogai
    • F48/426: Families of leprosy patients at Makogai - Destitute allowance for
    • F48/454: Maintenance of lepers from American Samoa
    • F48/487: Visit to Makogai - Decoration for Mother M. Agnes
    • F48/318/1: Lepers [NZ] Trust Board Trustees in Fiji
    • F48/318/2: Trust Board [Suva Branch] Minutes of Meetings


    1. The Leper Hospital Makogai - by Frederick Hall [the late Med Supt & M.O] 1911 - 1920
    2. Fiji Leprosy Hospital Makogai - by Dr. C J Austin [Med Supt] 1985
    3. Makogai: Image of Hope - by Sr. M. Stella [Thesis]

    Entry made March 17, 2006


    Name Mr Setareld Tale
    Organization National Archives of Fiji
    Address Government Buildings, PO Box 2125, Fiji.

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