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    Dr Oswald Evans Denney

    Status Physician
    Country USA


    Oswald Evans Denney, MD, DTM, FACP (1885 1944) was the first medical officer in charge of the USPHS Hospital in Carville, 1921-1935. In 1913 he began his leprosy work in the Philippines and became, first, resident physician and, later, chief medical officer of the Culion Leprosy Colony. For four years he studied the transmission of leprosy and considered it to be the chief problem. In 1921 he was appointed as commanding officer of Carville and was a major force in establishing, planning and giving direction to this famous institution. After leaving his post at Carville he kept up his interests in leprosy and continued to contribute to the understanding and treatment of this disease.

    International Journal of Leprosy, Centennial Festskrift edition, Vol 41, No 2. 1973.

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