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    Mr Cyril Irwin Crowther

    Status Other
    Country USA


    Cyril Irwin Crowther (USA, 1895-1968) was President of the Leonard Wood Memorial from 1958 to 1966. During his administration many progressive scientific research programs were established at LWM, including Johns Hopkins Leprosy Research Laboratory in Baltimore, a laboratory for electron microscopy and a leprosy research unit at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. His Presidency also saw a great increase in LWM's training program for investigators in various fields of leprosy research and a broad development of the Memorial's research program at Cebu in the Philippines, including establishment of the LWM-Eversley Childs Leprosy Research Laboratory. Crowther was a member of the International Leprosy Association. He valued the International Journal of Leprosy as a medium for scientific communication, and supported the continuing financial support of the Journal. After his retirement as president of the LWM he remained as a member of its Board of Trustees.

    International Journal of Leprosy, Centennial Festskrift edition, Vol 41, No 2. 1973.

    Research Institute(s) associated with:
    Leonard Wood Memorial, Cebu, Philippines

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