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    Dr Clare Aveling Wiggins

    Status Physician
    Country United Kingdom


    Dr Clare Aveling Wiggins was the director of Medical Services in Uganda. In 1901 he joined the Colonial Medical Service and worked initially in British East Africa. In 1909 he transferred to the Ugandan Protectorate where he remained until his retirement in 1923. In 1927 he returned to Uganda for four years as a medical missionary with the Church Missionary Society and with the aid of BELRA he founded the leprosarium at Kumi-Ongingo in Teso Country. He returned to Uganda for general missionary work on relief duty for a year in 1938. He died in 1965.


    Kumi Leprosy Centre   Cochrane reported that Wiggins was in charge of the building programme. "Dr Wiggins should be given all the help possible in his efforts to build up the infectious cases and children's hospital." And later "If Dr Wiggins develops these hospitals, and at the same time continues his dispensary in the vicinity, it is to be hoped that the success of the treatment will be its own advertisement, and as a result patients will come for treatment in increasing numbers." ("Report on the Leprosy Situation in the Uganda Protectorate. Presented to the Uganda BELRA on March 24th 1930.")
    Ongino Hospital (later Ongino (Kumi-Ongino))   This settlement was founded as an adult settlement in 1930 by Dr Wiggins and was sixteen miles away from the children's settlement at Kumi.

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