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    Henry Fowler

    Status Medical Missionary
    Country United Kingdom


    Dr Henry Fowler was a British missionary who worked with The Mission to Lepers (now The Leprosy Mission) in China. In 1926, he became one of the founding members of the Chinese Mission to Lepers, serving as the organisation’s medical advisor.

    Fowler was associated with the Hiau-kan (Xiaogan) leprosarium in Hankou. He felt that missionary work was important in bringing hope to people with leprosy, while remaining pessimistic about the prospect of curing them. (Leung 162)

    Drawing on his experience in China, he wrote several articles for early issues of The Leper Quarterly and Leprosy Notes in the 1920s. He also contributed a section on leprosy in China to Robert Cochrane’s 1929 book Leprosy in the Far East.


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