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History of Leprosy

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    History of Leprosy

    Akira Ota

    Japan, 1944- Profile
    Contracted Hansen’s disease at age eight and entered Kikuchi Keifuen. After graduating from the high school at Nagashima-Aiseien in Okayama (the only sanatorium with a high school, where students hoping to enter college from all sanatoriums went to high school), he went to college outside the sanatorium and got a job. He married, but in his 30s he had a reversal reaction and returned to the sanatorium. He worked at the print shop in the sanatorium and was on the board of the resident committee. He served as President of the board from 1998 to 2005, when many important buildings like the public hall and social welfare wing were built to enrich the residents’ lives. He has been Vice President since 2014.