International Leprosy Association -
History of Leprosy

  • International Leprosy Association -
    History of Leprosy


    Profiles and first-person accounts of people affected by leprosy, doctors, health workers, researchers, activists and others whose lives and experiences help illuminate our understanding of leprosy.



    Isa’s Bright Future, Isa Chonde (Tanzania)
    Making the Best of Life, Dan Izzett (Zimbabwe)
    Learning a Skill Restored My Dignity, Birke Nigatu (Ethiopia)

    The Americas

    Brushing Away the Pain, José Tadeu Bezerra de Oliveira (Brazil)
    A Quest for Dignity, Bernard K. Punikai’a (USA)


    Praise the Lord, Romica Nedelcu (Romania)

    South-East Asia

    Sisters United, Esther Harvey (New Zealand) and Nurul Ain Yap binti Abdullah (Malaysia)
    Thrown Away Like Garbage, Prayogo Santoso (Indonesia)
    Mr. Positive, Nilkanth Koli (India)
    Budi’s Journey, Budi Yuwono (Indonesia)
    Non-Stop Activist, Vagavathali Narsappa (India)
    Going Places, Rambarai Sha (India)
    ‘No Tears, No Fearing’, K.N. Madhavachari  (India)
    One-Woman Dynamo, Maya Prakash Ranaware (India)
    Agent of Change, G. Venu Gopal (India)
    Baba Amte: Man with a Mission, Murlidhar Devidas Amte (India)
    Making Something of ‘Nothing’, Nevis Mary (India)
    With Faith and Confidence, Hiramani Nayak (India)

    Western Pacific

    A Tale of Two Birthdays, Masako Ueno (Japan)
    Mobility Man, Issac (Vanuatu)
    Zest for Living, Nguyen Duc Thin (Vietnam)
    Man with a Message, Mark Anthony Bengan (Philippines)
    Pain and Progress, Liu Zhen Xi (China)
    Living the Work Camp Life, Ryotaro Harada (China)
    Breaking Down Barriers, Michihiro Koh (Japan)
    Overcoming stigma, Leng Sophea (Cambodia)
    Poetry from the Heart, Tetsuo Sakurai (Japan)
    A Quilter’s Tale, Yang Qian Mei (China)