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    Higassy is a fairy from the keyaki trees in Higashimurayama. It is popular for its spiked hair, that shows how it wants to become a beautiful keyaki that will make people smile.

    2014, National Sanatorium Tama Zenshoen, Japan, Ceramics. More details
    Higassy - Higashimurayama’s official character, created in 2014 to mark the 50th anniversary of the city’s establishment, to show the city’s appeal.

    "I learned about this character from people from Higashimurayama City who came to visit the ceramics studio. The head was very difficult to make. Because of my impaired hands, whenever I made anything I had to figure out how to use various tools as if they were my own fingers." by Mr. Takashi Kita.
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    Title Higassy
    Title(Original language) ひがっしー
    Year 2014
    Country Japan
    Location National Sanatorium Tama Zenshoen
    Genre Ceramics
    Material Ceramics
    Copyright Takashi Kita