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    Reknes Leprosy Hospital (Reknes Pleiestiftelse for Spedalske)


    Category Leprosarium
    Country Norway


    The Reknes leprosy hospital (Reknes Pleiestiftelse for Spedalske), in Molde, Norway, was first established in 1713.

    Reknes was one of the hospitals ordered to be rebuilt and modernised as part of the Norwegian government’s leprosy control program. It was reopened in 1861, with a new building designed by architects Heinrich Ernst Schirmer and Wilhelm von Hanno.

    With leprosy on the decline in Norway, Reknes ceased to operate as a leprosarium in 1895. It became a tuberculosis hospital. Some of the last leprosy patients were transferred to the Pleiestiftelsen for spedalske Nr. 1 in Bergen.


    Entry created January 2016

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