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    Sanatorium of San Francisco de Borja / Fontilles


    Category Leprosarium
    Country Spain
    Address Fontilles, Alicante


    The Sanatorium of San Francisco de Borja (often referred to as Fontilles) was established by Fontilles (a Spanish anti-leprosy organisation) in 1909. As a leprosarium and a centre for research and training, it has played a key role in the battle against leprosy in Spain.

    The Sanatorium is located in the Vall de Laguar, in the province of Alicante. It remains an active treatment facility, with around 60 residents and 250 outpatients as of 2005. Patients are attended by volunteers, Franciscan nuns, and Jesuits, as well as doctors and health workers.

    The site also hosts a specialised laboratory where research is undertaken in collaboration with universities and national and foreign organisations.

    Since 1947, advanced training courses for doctors, ATS, missionaries and volunteers have also been carried out there.

    In addition, the journal Fontilles has been published at the Sanatorium since 1944. It is a leprosy-specific publication, unique in the Spanish language.

    Please see the archive entry for an outline of the records available in the Sanatorium’s archives.

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