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    Santo Ângelo


    Category Leprosarium
    Country Brazil
    Address São Paulo


    In 1917, with the support of Archbishop Dom Duarte Leopoldo, Mathilde de Macedo Soares founded the Associação Protectora dos Morpheticos, which acquired the land of Santo Angelo, and made plans for a leprosarium. All was handed over to Santa Casa de Misericórdia. Construction on Santo Ângelo colony began in 1919 and finally finished in 1928. It was inaugurated on 3 May 1928 and received its first patients from Hospital do Guapira on 2 August 1928, under the administration of Santa Casa de Misericórdia. In 1933, it was annexed to the Leprosy Inspectorate (Inspectoria da Lepra).
    (Araujo, H C S. 'A lepra e as organizações anti-leprosas do Brasil em 1936'. Mem. Inst. Osw Cruz, 1937:32, 141, 145)

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