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History of Leprosy

International Leprosy Association -
History of Leprosy




Category Leprosarium
Country Tanzania


Chazi was amongst the leprosaria visited by Dr ND James during his tour. At Chazi, he was accompanied by Dr J S Meredith, Medical Specialist for Tanganyika, Mr G Cooper, BELRA worker at the leprosarium, and Dr LEB Delaney, Provincial medical officer, who was their host.

Fraser reported that, although several members of the staff were on leave (Dr Wheate) or had recently departed (Mr ad Mrs Cooper), the work was at the leprosarium was 'being well maintained in good buildings and nicely laid out grounds.' He reported observing farming activities, school classes, and a Church funded by The Mission for Lepers.

Fraser also observed that additional accommodation was needed to allow medical workers to come for training and experience.

Source: ND Fraser, "A review of leprosy work in Ethiopia, Uganda, N. Rhodesia and Tanganyika", Lep Rev, 33.2 (1962): 141-153; on pp. 152.

BELRA/LEPRA workers associated with this leprosarium:-

Mr & Mrs Allan Powell, lay worker, nurse, 1950-1956
Mr Peter Cannell, lay worker, 1951-1952
Mr George Cooper, lay worker, 1955-1965
Mr B Walters, lay worker, 1961

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