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History of Leprosy

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    Category Leprosarium
    Country China
    Address Kwang Tung
    Current Address Guangdong


    "In the outpatient department of our hospital we see many in the early state of the disease. We advise them to be treated on two fixed days every week. It is very important to treat these patients, the prognosis is so much better in the early stage. But not all of those patients are coming for treatment. Some of them do not believe that the lesions they have are leprosy; they think it is only 'sin' and they wish to rub it with good medicine. They do not like to hear the word 'ma fung', leprosy. And sometimes, one must take care that they do not kill themselves in despair. I am glad we can tell them now that by treating the disease we may hope to cure it."

    Source: Dr O Hueck, "Tungkun" in James L Maxwell, "Ridding China of Leprosy" The China Medical Journal 44 (1930): 773.

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