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    Brehebeda Colony


    Category Leprosarium
    Country India
    Address Bastar State
    Current Address Chhattisgarh


    "This is at a distance of two and a half miles from the Tahsil Headquarters of Narayanpur and 78 miles to the north west of Jagdalpur, the capital of the State, situated by the side of a stream. It has 200 acres of land, 75 being under cultivation. Four pairs of bullocks, agricultural implements and servants have been supplied. There are 20 huts each consisting of a room 10' x 10', a verandah 6' x 10' and a kitchen 6' x 10'. The huts are situated in two rows. The space between the individual huts is 12'. Within the compound, but away from the patients, quarters have been built for the Dispenser of medicines and servants. There is also a Dispensary. The Medical Officer of Narayanpur attends the Colony once a week to give injections, and more often, if sent for by the Dispenser. A pucca well has been sunk in the compound. There are altogether 29 persons living in this Colony, 25 lepromatous and 3 neural cases and a healthy child of a lepromatous mother. Out of the 28 cases, 21 are males and 7 are females; 25 are adults and 3 are children. The patients have come from a distance of 4 to 50 miles." From a H W Alderson, Dewan, Bastar State, "Copy of brief resume what has been done in the State regarding the establishment and management of State Leper Colonies" 29/4/1946, Mss 991/5 Odisha State Archives

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