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    Lohardugga Asylum


    Category Leprosarium
    Country India
    Address Bengal Presidency


    Lohardugga Asylum was run by the Gossner Mission. In 1887, Colman Macaulay, the Officiating Chief Secretary to the Government of bengal, Political Department stated that "The Honorary Secretary to the Asylum reports that the institution is open to persons of all castes and creeds, and the inmates are allowed perfect freedom in every respect except with regard to the use of intoxicating liquors, which they are prohibited from taking unless prescribed by a doctor as medicine. The principles of Christianity are explained to them, but the acceptance of these principles depends entirely upon their free will. Thosse patients who have been married before their admission into the asylum are not segregated, but no one is allowed to marry while an inmate of the institution. Some of the children of those married have been separated from their parents to prevent contagion.

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