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    Aduku Leprosy Camp


    Category Leprosarium
    Country Uganda
    Address Lira, Lango District


    "From Masindi I motored to Lira arriving there on the 4th of March. On the next day, I visited the leper camp at Aduku where there are about 100 lepers. Over eleven per cent of these were in a highly contagious stage of the disease. This rather indicates that the type of disease in this part of the country is fairly severe. It appears that there are at least two heavily infected counties in the Lango district: the counties of Kuman and Kwania. The focus in the Kwania county is not so inaccessible as that in Kuman, and the camp at Aduku if developed along the right lines should meet the situation as far as the infective cases are concerned. At present as many lepers as come to the hospital at Lira should be treated. In this way a start can be made, but the development of other out-patient centres will have to be considered as soon as an antileprosy campaign is organised throughout the Protectorate.

    (Robert Cochrane, "Report on the Leprosy Situation in the Uganda Protectorate. Presented to the Uganda BRLRA on March 24th 1930).

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