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    Category Leprosarium
    Country Norway
    Address Bergen


    This was identified as one of the two hospitals visited and described by 'Shamrock', in "Notes by the Wayside", The Nursing Record, 9 (1892): 693-6 and 827-8. Dr DC Danielssen took issue with Shamrock's account, and responded in an article entitled "Leper Hospitals in Norway", which was immediately met with a riposte by "Shamrock" in The Nursing Record, 9 (1892): 935-6. PDF copies of these articles are freely available online from the Royal College of Nursing archives.

    "In 1849, the new Lungegaarden leprosy hospital was established in Bergen, with Danielssen as its chief physician. The hospital not only housed leprosy patients but also patients with other dermatologic afflictions, which allowed Danielssen to do comparative studies of different dermatologic conditions. Sadly, fire destroyed the building in 1853. The new premises that were designed after the fire housed more than 90 leprosy patients. This new hospital also was equipped with a laboratory and library and became an important center for research."

    Cited from: V Jay, "The Legacy of Armauer Hansen", Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, 124.4 (2000): 496–7.

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