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    TLM Canada (later Effect:Hope)


    Category Institutional Archive
    Organization The Leprosy Mission Canada
    Country Canada
    Address 200-90 Allstate Parkway, Markham, Ontario, L3R 6H3, CANADA
    Telephone +1 888 537 7679
    Fax +1 905 886 2887


    Effect:Hope, formerly The Leprosy Mission Canada, holds an archive relating to the work done by The Leprosy Mission / TLM Canada. It includes branch records, written histories of missions and mission offices of the Leprosy Mission, manuals produced by the Leprosy Mission, looseleaf sheets outlining policy directives, professional manuals for students and staff members, medical reports produced by the Leprosy Mission, a small number of academic theses, memorabilia such as scrapbooks, commemorative publications of the American Leprosy Mission, publications of Leprosy Mission histories, biographies, and autobiographies, special minutes and reports of the Consultative Committee, and communication and advertising material of the Canadian Branch of the Leprosy Mission branch records.

    There are newspaper clippings from the Canadian press relating to the Canadian Leprosy Mission (1940-1990s approx); from the US press relating to the American Leprosy Mission (1926-1970); from the New Zealand press relating to the New Zealand Leprosy Mission (1950, 1960-1); from the Australian press relating to the Australian Leprosy Mission (1952, 1963); from the East Asian Press (Japan and Hawaii) (1963, 1975); the British press (1920-1980), and some that are undated and from an unspecified country of origin.

    The written histories of Missions and Mission Offices include histories of the American and Canadian Mission and a written record organised by region, of mission hospital coverage in “Without the Camp” (1940-49).

    The manuals produced by the Leprosy Mission include TLM policy manuals pertaining to the Mission to Lepers (1920), The American Mission to Lepers (approx 1930), the Mission to Lepers, Canadian Branch (1930) and other material relevant to the work of the Mission (1960, 1978, 1979, 1988).

    Looseleaf sheets outlining policy/directives (1987, 1989, 1991) include TLM produced educational programmes/materials specifically relevant to Richardson Leprosy Hospital, Maharashtra (undated) or the TLM (Australia) (1985-1992). Materials cover the following years: 1920, 1975, 1976, 1977.

    There are professional manuals for students and staff members on disability (1986), stigma (1951), drug resistance (undated), eye care (1965), diagnosis (1975), feet care (1966), and booklets for patients in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, and Telegu. There is a booklet from the Ministry of Health Lesotho titled “Leprosy Can be Cured” (1977).

    The collection includes medical reports produced by the Leprosy Mission and also produced by other publishers.

    There are copies of three academic theses: one on the Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, one on Nominalism Amongst Western Missionaries, and one from Fuller Theological Seminary.

    Memorabilia includes several scrapbooks: one that covers the Leprosy Mission (1874-1946); one on the Mission to Lepers in Formosa: Taihoku, Japan: Tokyo and Chosen (Korea): Fusan, Soonchun and Taiku (1874-1934); one on the Mission to Lepers in Africa includes the Belgian Congo: Chimbambo, Nala; Kenya: Chogoria; Madagascar: Fianarantsoa; Nigeria: Etian; Northern Rhodesia: Chitokoloki, Nsadzu; Nyasaland: Bandawe, Livingstonia; Portuguese East Africa: Bela Vista; S Sudan: Amadi, Tanganyika: Berega, Makutupora, Shinyanga; and Uganda and British Rwanda: Ng’ora, Bunyonyi (1874-1934).

    Another scrapbook on various countries includes Burma, South Africa, Kuala Lumpur, Philippines, Laguboti, Sumatra, Japan, India (Madras, Bihar, Calcutta), Dutch Guiana, Siam, South Arabia (Aden), Estonia, and France (1893-1934). One scrapbook on the Mission to Lepers work in India includes work in Assam, Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, and the Bombay Presidency, Central India (1874-1934).

    There are also scrapbooks on the Mission to Lepers in India, including Chandkuri (1897-1937); the Mission to Lepers in India, including Purulia (1886-1937); the Mission to Lepers in India, including Central Provinces, Madras Presidency, the Punjab, and the United Provinces (1874-1934). There are also undated loose papers of Leprosy Mission histories (unspecified) and looseleaf sheets, undated, of the type-written story of W C Bailey.

    Commemorative publications of the American Leprosy Mission (1906-1981) include Anandaban, Nepal Leprosy Hospital, 1963; Belgaum Leprosy Hospital, Karnataka, India, 1988, the Mission to Lepers, 1949; Happy Mount Leprosy Colony, Taiwan, 1964; The Isle of Happy Healing Leprosy Hospital (Hong Kong) (1971-1973); The Leprosy Mission Hospital, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India (1979); Chandkhuri Leprosy Hospital and Homes (1897-1947); Philadelphia Leprosy Hospital (1906-1981); Chevalier de Saint Lazare de Jerusalem (1972); and Nasik, India (1982).

    Publications of Leprosy Mission histories, biographies, and autobiographies are for example authored by Wellsley Bailey, Frank Oldrieve, P Burgess, K Marsden, and J Jackson. There are also publications such as booklets produced by the Formosa Leprosy Mission in pre-independence Taiwan.

    There are special Minutes and Reports of the Consultative Committee meeting such as the Report of the International Leprosy Conference held at Lucknow, India (1953) and of the General Conference held at Chandkuri, 1948.

    Communication and advertising material of the Canadian Branch covers the 1970s up until the early 1990s and includes donor letters, stamps, maps, promotional packs, public service announcements, periodicals, annual reports, pamphlets targeting specific Christian denominations, posters and calendars.

    There is also an extensive catalogued collection of audio-visual media. The tin type collection consists of four boxes. Box 1 - 61 slides, including images of: Chandkuri, Purulia, Champa, Chandag, Nasik, Bankura, Dhantari and Chiengmai in Siam (Thailand). Box 2 - 60 slides from: Naini, Manamadura, Vadathorasalur, Champa, Ramachandrapuram, Palampur, Tenghsien in China, Kuola Lampur (sic), Japan (Negaro and Nagashina), the Philippines, Tibet, Korea and Formosa (Taiwan). Box 3 - 56 slides from Africa (South Sudan), more from India (Purulia, Bhagalpur, Assam, Dhar, Rawalpindi, Nasik, Dichipalli, Bankura, Calicut, Viyianagram, Chandkuri, Cuttack, Dhamtari and Naini). Box 4 - 45 slides which include texts of prayers and hymns. Also mention of a slide of Mary Reed (Chandag) and images of W.C. Bailey and John Jackson. There are also images from Formosa (Taikoku dispensary), Addis Ababa, Liberia, Tanganyika, Uganda and the New Hebrides. There are 11 x 16mm (largely) film reels related to leprosy work of TLM Canada.

    The boxed slide collection contains fourteen boxes. The first two boxes contain undated slides from India, China and Africa. Box 3 contains slides from Bhutan; Box 4 from Zaire (People's Republic of Congo), Thailand and Indonesia; Box 5 from Thailand, Indonesia, New Guinea, Nepal and Irian Jaya (this box includes undated medical slides titled "Leprosy versus Cellular Images/Medical Images)". Box 6 contains slides from Thailand, Malaya and Korea; Box 7 contains slides from Africa (including 17 slides from Alert work in Addis Ababa in 1971); Box 8 contains slides from Hong Kong (1966-73); Box 9 contains slides from 1950s (including 6 from China in 1958), from India 1960s until 1980s, and New Guinea (1980s). Box 10 contains 33 slides of physiotherapy on a patient (Hay Ling Chan) which are undated and 80 slides on Stanley Browne's Clinical Services. Box 11 contains slides on India: Karigiri (1971 and 1979-85), Bankura (pre-1970s), Manamadurai, Salur, Miraj (1988), Champa (1971), Muzaffarpur (1974-75), Faizabad (1985), Calcutta (undated). Box 12 contains slides on Lhuntsi, Naini, Purulia and Salur. Box 13 contains slides on leprosy case studies and Box 14 contains 80 slides (1978) with cassette tape and pamphlet notes, entitled "More Than a Prophet". The collection contains audio tapes made on Purulia, Chandraghona, Bhutan, Irian Jaya, Papua New Guinea and Thailand. There are, in addition, many videotapes made by TLM Canada, and some by the American Leprosy Mission.

    Entry updated January 2016


    Name Bob MacFarlane
    Organization Effect:Hope
    Address 200-90 Allstate Parkway, Markham, Ontario, L3R 6H3, CANADA
    Telephone +1 888 537 7679
    Fax +1 905 886 2887

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