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    University of Notre Dame Archives


    Category Institutional Archive
    Organization University of Notre Dame
    Country USA
    Address Notre Dame, Indiana 46556,USA
    Telephone +1 574-631-6448
    Fax +1 574-631-7980


    The Archives of the University of Notre Dame hold the papers of Joseph Dutton who worked as a Catholic lay missionary at Kalaupapa, Molokai Island, Hawaii. He arrived on Molokai in 1886, working with Father Damien until Damien’s death in 1889, and remaining on the island until the time of his own death in 1931. This collection contains articles about and relics of Father Damien and a copy of Charles J Dutton’s "The Samaritans of Molokai". For a list of the holdings for this collection see:

    The archives also hold the papers of William H I Reaney (1863-1915). These include a photograph album with some pictures of Father Damien on Molokai and his work among people with leprosy:

    The Charles Warren Stoddard Papers (1870-1927) include Stoddard’s 1884-1885 diaries in which his trip to Hawaii and visit to Molokai in 1884 is described.

    The Daniel E Hudson Papers (1873-1924) contain correspondence with Father Damien (several letters) and Brother Joseph Dutton (many letters) in Hudson’s capacity as editor of "The Ave Maria" (1875-1928). Hudson’s correspondence also contains letters from others about Father Damien. In addition, he published articles about Molokai in "The Ave Maria".

    The Monsignor Joseph Harnett Papers, which date from 1954-1985, hold folders on Sorok Do-Leper Work-Korea 1961 and McLeod Road Leper Colony (Karachi, Pakistan) 1960-1962.

    Entry updated January 2016


    Name Wm Kevin Cawley
    Organization University of Notre Dame, Archives
    Address Archivist & Curator of Manuscripts, University of Notre Dame, Indiana 46556, USA.
    Telephone +1 574-631-6448
    Fax +1 574-631-7980

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