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    Leprosy Museum, Bergen (Lepramuseet)


    Category Museum
    Country Norway
    Address Leprosy Museum - St Jørgen's Hospital, Center of Bergen, Kong Oscarsgate 59, Bergen, Norway
    Telephone 481 62 678


    The Leprosy Museum (Lepramuseet) in Bergen is housed in the 18th century buildings of St Jørgen’s (St George’s) Hospital, and St. Jørgen’s Church forms part of the old leprosy hospital buildings. The hospital was founded before 1411, and was the central institution for treating people affected by leprosy in Western Norway until its closure in 1946. The present-day buildings date back to the early 18th century. Documents from the hospital were transferred to the City Archives of Bergen in the 1980s.

    The museum exhibits the Bergen Collection of the History of Medicine, a presentation of Norway’s contribution to leprosy research and the original laboratory where Hansen discovered the leprosy bacillus, M. leprae. The exhibition covers the hospital conditions, symptoms and treatment. The museum also houses patients' paintings.

    The leprosy archives in Bergen are part of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme.

    Entry updated January 2016


    Organization Lepramuseet, Bergen
    Address Kong Oscars gate 59, Postboks 4052, 5835 Bergen, Norway
    Telephone 481 62 678

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