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    Levy, Dr Louis - Personal Collection


    Category Personal Collection
    Country Israel
    Address Moshav Shoeva 3, D.N. Harei Yehuda, 90855 Israel
    Telephone +9722 5341 868
    Fax +9722 5701165


    The personal collection of Dr Louis Levy consists of twenty-six photographs spanning the years 1966 until 2000. These include photographs from various international gatherings related to leprosy work. The earlier photos are taken within the context of the US-Japan Cooperative Medical Science Program. These were taken in Atlanta and include among others, the following: in the first photograph: L P Murray, Mrs V Shepard, C H Binford, J H Peters, L Levy, W F Kirchheimer, J H Hanks, G Yee, C C Shepard, D H McRae, R van Landingham, and L L Walker; and in the second photograph: L Levy, P Fasal, C C Shepard, Y Yoshie, W F Kirchheimer, R J W Rees, J H Hanks, C H Binford, G P Walsh, A H Fieldsteel, C Reich, LWM, R Navalkar, E Storrs, D. Drutz, Y.T. Chang, GSRI, J H Peters, R Feldman, and L P Murray.

    There are three photographs of the 1971 World Leprosy Day gathering. The first is of Dr Levy at the Public Health Service Hospital in San Francisco. The second includes L Levy, Paul Fasal, R Delashmutt (Chief, PHS Division of Hospitals, Washington), C C Shepard, and W M Smith (Director, PHS Hospital, San Francisco). The third photograph is of the following: R Delashmutt, C.C. Shepard, and P Fasal.

    There is a 1971 photograph of a National Institute of Health site-visit to the Leonard Wood Memorial, Cebu, the Philippines which features R S Guinto, C H Binford, Miralles, E de la Cruz, J G Tolentino, H Minners, J N Rodriguez, C C Shepard, R Abalos, T T Fajardo, L Levy, G P Walsh, A Peres, and V Knight.

    One photograph records the visit of T Nakayama to the Leprosy Research Unit in San Francisco in 1972.

    There are three photographs that record the following attendees at the 1973 International Leprosy Congress, Bergen, Norway: L P Murray, L Levy, D A Russell, and C C Shepard.

    There is a photograph of a meeting in Bangkok in 1976, sponsored by the Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation, in which Dr Yuasa, R Guinto, Y Matsuo, and T Ito have been identified.

    Four photographs record the THELEP-sponsored Mouse Footpad Workshop held at Chingleput in India in 1979. These include the following participants: L Levy, L L Walker, F Aizer, T Ito, representatives from Bolivia, Cuba, Indonesia, R J W Rees, Mar Mar Nyien, C G Iyer, C C Shepard, A S Mustafa, Ji Baohong, C K Job, and K V Desikan.

    A photograph from the Sasakawa-sponsored epidemiology workshop in Geilo, Norway (1981) shows R C Hastings and L Levy.

    Three photos from the Shanghai THELEP-sponsored Mouse Footpad workshop (1984) include S Pattyn, L Levy, D Ridley, L P Murray and Ji Baohong.

    A photograph of the joint IMMLEP-THELEP-sponsored scientific meeting in Karigiri, India (1988) includes the following participants: H Srinivasan, R Ganapati, M Christian, S K Noordeen, J Grosset, C K Job, J P Mullayl, R Jacobson, L Levy, S Pattyn, G A Ellard, E Fritschi, P S S Rao, M J Colston, MD Gupta, R H Gelber, S T Cole, and Ji Baohong.

    The photograph of a site visit to Bangkok in 1993 shows K Koshaka, T Ito, and L Levy; a site visit to Pingelap Atoll shows Dr Yuasa; a photograph of the meeting of the SRB Scientific Advisory Board, Bangkok shows L Levy, P J Brennan, Y Yuasa, and T Ramasoota.

    Finally there is a photograph of the Sasakawa-sponsored leprosy research workshop, Bangkok (1996), and the ILEP-sponsored leprosy research workshop, Paris (2000).

    Entry made April-June 2002


    Name Dr Louis Levy
    Address Moshav Shoeva 3, D.N. Harei Yehuda, 90855, Israel.
    Telephone +9722 5341868
    Fax +9722 5701165

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