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History of Leprosy

  • International Leprosy Association -
    History of Leprosy


    Itu Colony


    Category Leprosarium
    Country Nigeria


    Dr Andrew Buchanan Macdonald - Founder and Medical Superintendent
    Dr John Murray Philip - Medical Superintendent 1951-68.


    BELRA/LEPRA workers associated with this leprosarium:-

    Dr & Mrs A B Macdonald, doctor/nurse, 1923-1954
    Mr Hamish MacGregor, lay worker, 1935-1952
    Mr Clem Wills, lay worker, 1938-1950
    Mr Norman Seed, lay worker, 1937 (Took Hamish MacGregor's place at Itu to allow him home leave)
    Dr D'Amian, doctor, 1937
    Mr Albert Harman, lay worker, 1938-1939 (returned to England at the outbreak of war and joined HM Forces)
    Mr Doug Coffin, lay worker, 1939-1950
    Mr Roland Huskinson, lay worker, 1946-1947
    Mr Stanley Alderson, lay worker, 1946
    Mr Frank Mead, lay worker, 1946-1951
    Mrs Mary Thomas, nurse, 1949-1951
    Mr Raymond King, lay worker, 1950-1951
    Mr Bob Lowes, lay worker, 1950-1958
    Mr Robin Dunford, lay worker, 1951-1953
    Mr C J Adlam, nurse, 1953-1955
    Mr Lawrence Burnham, lay worker, 1953-1955
    Mr Herbert Boyd, lay worker, 1953-1959
    Mr Alan Waudby, lay worker, 1953-1956
    Miss Winnifred Attoe, nurse, 1953-1955
    Miss Margaret Forrest, nurse, 1955-1957
    Mr Brian Sutcliffe, lay worker, 1955-1958
    Mr Tom Owen, lay worker, 1955-1967
    Mr James Boyd, lay worker, 1957-1958
    Miss Lizzie Clanahan, nurse, 1957-1958
    Mr Tony Drake, lay worker, 1957-1958
    Mr Edward Hough, lay worker, 1957
    Miss Enid Weaver, nurse, 1957-1958
    Miss J Moss, nurse, 1957-1959
    Mr John Lakin, lay worker, 1959
    Miss P Drinkall, nurse, 1959-1961
    Mr Eric Watts, lay worker, 1959-1961
    Mr G W Perkins, lay worker, 1961-1964

    Information supplied by LEPRA

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