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    Sungai Buloh (Sungei Buloh) Research Unit


    Category Institutional Archive
    Country Malaysia
    Address Sungai Buloh Settlement and Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


    The records at Sungai Buloh (formerly Sungei Buloh) are still stored in the Research Unit, in filing cabinets, where they were created. This research unit was established in 1950. The report for the year indicated that the investigations there were to focus on the assessment of therapeutics. This work was begun by F S Airey of the Colonial Research Services. He left in 1952, and the laboratory was reopened in 1957, when Dr J A McFadzean of the Medical Research Council, UK, was seconded to Sungai Buloh. In 1959, Dr McFadzean was replaced by Dr M F R Waters. Waters was there until 1962, when Dr J H S Pettit took over. Dr J M H Pearson joined in 1964, and Waters returned in 1966 to remain as Director of the Unit, until 1976.

    From 1959 to 1976, Sungai Buloh and its Research Unit made its full impact in the field of international leprosy research. Much of the clinical work was carried out in Sungai Buloh, while the laboratories of the Institute of Medical Research in London provided the facilities for the experimental and academic part of the projects. Specimens and samples of sera as well as fresh tissues and fixed biposy material were flown to London almost every week.

    The records for this period, and the records for all the associated trials, are intact, but uncatalogued. There are two four-drawer filing cabinets filled with titled files. A list of those files, with some details of contents of the files, can be accessed here (PDF).


    Name Mr Lim Thiam Chye, Hospital Supervisor
    Organization Sungai Buloh Hospital

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