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    Barbados National Archives


    Category Institutional Archive
    Country West Indies
    Address St Michael, Barbados, West Indies
    Telephone 246-425-1380
    Fax 246-425-5911


    The Barbados Museum and Barbados Archives is situated in the old Lazaretto, Black Rock, St. Michael, Barbados

    The following records, useful for tracing the history of this asylum are held here:

    • The Barbados Handbook (Sinckler, E. Goulburn, London, Duckworth and Co. 1912),
    • “Research Notes I-Z” - a folder labeled “Lazaretto” and dated November 1974.
    • Schomburgk’s history (Schomburgk, Sir Robert Hermann 1804-1865). 1848. The history of Barbados comprising a geographical and statistical description of the island : a sketch of the historical events since the settlement, and an account of its geology and natural productions states that two acres in St. Michaels parish were purchased for this at 271£ 17s 6d
    • In 1868, a report was issued by a commission appointed to purchase a site for the erection of a lunatic asylum under the Act of 11 August 1868.
    • The Daily Nation (25 July 1994) Andy Tait reports that leper graves were being destroyed by construction in the Batts Rock area, apparently near the beach
    • Official Gazette (4 April 1910: 568) an official notice of the opening of the new leper hospital.
    • The Daily Nation undated July 1994—Cyril Joseph reports that there was a wall around the leper cemetery and that the 1854 cholera victims also were buried there
    • 1865 Act to provide medicine
    • 1867 Pelican Island designated for quarantine
    • 1871 Act to provide a chaplain
    • 1873 Act to provide amusement and instruction
    • Annual Report of the Director of Medical Services, 1960-1961
    • Annual Report of the Director of Medical Services 1961-1962
    • A Lazaretto Land Plan dated 1891, the Public Works Office
    • Official Gazette 12 August 1907 includes the report of the Commissioners for improving the Lazaretto and recommends £ 12,000
    • An Act to Provide Care and Maintenance of Persons Afflicted with Leprosy, 24 Jan 1846. 14.

    This information has been kindly provided by Gerald F. Schroedl, Professor of Anthropology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville


    Entry made July 3, 2006


    Name Archivist
    Organization Barbados Museum & Historical Society
    Address St. Ann’s Garrison, St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies
    Telephone (246)-427-0201 / (246)-436-1956
    Fax (246) 429 5946

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