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    Alan Mason Chesney Archives


    Category Hospital/Research Institute
    Country USA
    Address The Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
    Telephone 410-735-6800
    Fax 410-735-6770



    The Henry E. Sigerist Collection (Personal Papers), in which there are letters from Dr. M. Kuczinski-Goddard to Henry Sigerist. Source: M. Cueto, "Social medicine and 'leprosy'", The Americas, 61.1 (2004): 55-80, 80n.

    Box 217: 5A Leprosy Research Exhibit of Armed Forces Pathology (with Milton Eisenhower, J. H. Hanks, Ernest Stebbins and Leonard Wood ), 1958.

    Series I:Sub-series I/A: Folder 6/6-7: correspondence between William Henry Welch and Perry Burgess — 1930-1934; encl: minutes Leonard Wood Foundation Leprosy.

    Series II: Sub-series II/A:Folder 66/2 Wood: Leonard Wood Memorial for Eradication of Leprosy. — 1932; photo of Welch and Advisory Board in map case 1, drawer 3.

    Sub-series XIV/B: Folder 164/19 Perry Burgess,1936 President of American Leprosy Foundation, feels W. H. Welch deserves credit as formulator and was on its medical advisory board


    Name The Archivist
    Organization The Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives
    Address 5801 Smith Avenue, Suite 235, Baltimore, MD 21209. , USA.
    Telephone 410-735-6800
    Fax 410-735-6770

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