International Leprosy Association -
History of Leprosy

International Leprosy Association -
History of Leprosy

Dr Gerhard Armauer Hansen

Status Doctor
Country Norway


Established 1881.

Name was changed to commemorate 1934 visit of HRH Henry, Duke of Gloucester.

Built at a distance from Sydney due to the treatment of people suffering from contagious diseases, such as typhoid, leprosy and small pox. Now operates as a general hospital.


- "On the Etiology of Leprosy", British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review, 55 (1875): 459-89.

- (Letter) "On the Prevention of Emigration and Immigration of Lepers", Lepra, 1 (1900): 88-9.

- Hansen, G Armauer and Carl Looft. Leprosy: in its Clinical and Pathological Aspects, trans. Norman Walker. Bristol: John Wright, 1895.


State Records of New South Wales

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