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    Raymond P Currier

    Status Other
    Country USA


    Raymond P Currier, AB, MA (1891-1973) was an American poet writer-administrator. His abiding interest in people and ideas found an outlet through a wide range of American Leprosy Missions' activities, and for 25 years in the service of ALM he raised money, made speeches, edited publications and administered both foreign and domestic programs. From 1913 to 1923 he was professor of English at Judson College, Rangoon, Burma, under appointment of the American Baptist Foreign Mission. In 1935 he became the New York secretary of ALM, and was appointed associate secretary in 1938 and general secretary in 1958.

    International Journal of Leprosy, Centennial Festskrift edition, Vol 41, No 2. 1973.


    The Christian mission in the world of today; report of the eleventh quadrennial convention of the Student volunteer movement for foreign missions, Buffalo, New York, December 30, 1931, to January 3, 1932.

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