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    Yuji Kodama

    Status Advocate
    Country Japan


    Yuji Kodama was a poet, writer, and activist who was an inmate at the Japanese National Sanatorium Kuryu Rakusen-en. He was president of the Plaintiff Group demanding government compensation for Japan's policy of isolating people affected by leprosy.

    Kodama wrote:

    The question is “how I can establish the proof of my life.” Whether I can be confident of the life that confronts the state. This is the current theme of mine.

    Human rights are inviolable.

    Being denied and liquidated as a national disgrace,

    And being pushed to ageing; kept alive but worthless

    How can I permit this,

    I am determined to fight against and gain from this nation,

    How I have lived through,

    Dignity of a human being and a proof of my life.

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