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    Kozaburo Iesaka

    Status Physician
    Country Japan


    Kozaburo Iesaka (1878-1952) was a Japanese medical doctor who worked as Director of the National Sanatoria Okinawa Airaku-en and Miyako Nansei-en.

    Iesaka was a Christian, and created the Christian congregation ‘Yomigaeri no kai’ and taught the Bible to sanatorium residents. He demonstrated a humanitarian and liberal way of management. While he was the director of Miyako Nansei-en, he did not build fences around the sanatorium, nor create detention facilities. He was also a keen researcher and produced some leprosy surveys, details of which are below:

    Survey of endemic Hisamatsu village (1939)

    Hisakai village 16 pts against 1176 village population

    Matsubara village 14 pts against 1525 village population

    Yonakuni Island survey (1940) 35 pts (77.1/10,000 population)

    All the patients were admitted to sanatoria.

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