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    Dr Colin McDougall

    Status Physician
    Country United Kingdom


    Colin McDougall (13 November 1924-16 February 2006) was a Scottish physician who made several important contributions to leprosy, notably the confirmation of the role of nasal secretions in the transmission of leprosy.

    McDougall qualified in medicine in Edinburgh in 1946 and was awarded the Burn-Murdoch Medal in Clinical Medicine. He worked in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford, and in general practice before taking up a post as chest physician in the Royal Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association (SATA) in Singapore from 1953-56. On returning to the UK, he pursued post-graduate training in clinical (internal) medicine in the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, Norwich and St Bartholomews Hospital, London. Opting out of a career in the National Health Service, he then worked as a medical specialist in Sumatra and Aden, and with refugees in Algeria, before being appointed as Leprosy Specialist to the Ministry of Health in Zambia in 1967.

    The situation at that time, as with many other African countries, was still based to a large extent on leprosaria or institutions, mostly run by missions, with one government referral hospital in the centre of the country at Liteta. Trained staff for leprosy control programme work were virtually non-existent and plans were therefore made, as a matter of urgency, to obtain WHO fellowships for the training of a small group of Zambian medical assistants at the newly established All Africa Leprosy and Rehabilitation Training Centre (ALERT) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopa, following a fact-finding visit to Zambia by the Training Director, Dr Felton Ross. It was also possible to visit the ‘mobile’ leprosy control programme set up by Dr David Molesworth and colleagues in neighbouring Malawi, where the benefits of repetitive circuits and visits, using Landrovers and (later) motorbikes and bicycles, for both detection of leprosy and treatment, were extremely clear. An application was formally presented to the then Director of the British Leprosy Relief Association (then BELRA, now LEPRA), Mr Francis Harris, for the import or local purchase of Landrovers for control programme work in Zambia, without which any meaningful change from an institution-based approach to out-patient diagnosis and treatment could not be achieved. This was accepted and during the next three years a series of vehicles were delivered for the control programme, mainly in the Eastern Province. A further group of medical assistants were sent to Addis Ababa and a WHO consultant, Dr Giovanni Papinutto reassessed the national strategy to bring it up to date and make best use of available funds, transport and personnel.

    Dr McDougall returned to the UK in 1970, having previously contacted Dr RJW Rees at the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), Mill Hill, London, about the possibility of working in clinical or experimental research on leprosy in the UK. He was referred to Dr AGM Weddell (then Reader, later Professor) in the Department of Human Anatomy in the Science Area of the University of Oxford. Graham Weddell already had an international reputation for his light and electron microscope studies of mammalian peripheral nerves and had established a link with Dick Rees in the NIMR in order to further investigate the mechanism of nerve damage so characteristic of leprosy. The area of histopathology in general, including the localisation and numbers of bacilli in various body tissues and the cellular immune response, was identified as being in need of additional input. Colin McDougall was taken on, somewhat tentatively (in view of his lack of previous experience in this subject), with a small salary from LEPRA, to see if anything could be achieved in a reasonable period of time. The workload involved the examination of tissues from experimental animals from the NIMR and biopsies from patients in various trials, notably those established by the Medical Research Council (MRC) unit in Sungei Buloh under the direction of two UK leprologists, Dr MFR Waters and Dr JMH Pearson. For Dr McDougall an intensive period of learning and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills followed, under the able guidance of Graham Weddell and Dr Douglas Harman in the Leprosy Study Centre, Wimpole Street, London.

    The ensuing ten years are essentially the story of the continuing development and activity of a unit, mainly supported by LEPRA and the MRC, created by Graham Weddell within a university department of Human Anatomy – unusual, to say the least; probably unique. It attracted research workers from many parts of the world to participate in studies, at light and electron microscope levels, in a wide range of tissues of animal and human origin. Medical students were involved and were amongst the first in the UK to go abroad during their elective period to work in leprosy centres. A prize essay competition for medical students was established and supported by LEPRA, on a subject of current importance in leprosy. This was soon offered to all medical schools in the UK and continues today.

    Coincidentally, a facility at the Department of Dermatology, the Slade Hospital, Oxford, was opened by Dr RG Cochrane in the early 1970s, for the admission of leprosy patients in the UK. Responsibility for activating the referral and admission of patients was given to Dr McDougall, in association with Dr (later Professor) TJ Ryan, Consultant Dermatologist. This resulted in the investigation of a small but highly significant group of patients, some of them untreated and of lepromatous classification. Their admission, close to a university research unit and in close collaboration with the NIMR, afforded an opportunity to investigate various aspects of transmission, the fate of leprosy bacilli excreted into the environment, the nasal excretion of bacilli and the viability of bacilli after varying periods of treatment with anti-leprosy drugs, notably rifampicin. An electron microscope was later installed, contributing to the studies of Dr Janny Boddingius (Netherlands) of the ultra-structural damage in human peripheral nerves affected by leprosy.

    With the retirement of Graham Weddell, the unit moved into accommodation in the Department of Dermatology, since by that time the beds were no longer being used for the admission of patients. The task of examining literally thousands of sections for bacillary and cellular changes due to one disease, on a day to day basis, and with a considerable element of negative or normal findings, despite long searches, in much of the material submitted, was inevitably tedious and repetitive. From the outset, however, it was mitigated by numerous visits to leprosy-endemic countries abroad, including Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, India and the Far East and also by the proximity, in the Science Area of the University, to Departments of basic, applied and postgraduate scientific activity. These included chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, pathology, crystallography and molecular biophysics. Through the years, publications involved co-authors and collaborators from all these disciplines. Not long after the move to the Slade Hospital, WHO published their recommendations for the treatment of all leprosy patients with multidrug regimens of fixed duration. Following preliminary discussions many years previously with Dr Tim Lusty of the OXFAM Health Unit in north Oxford, on a suitable box or container for tablets of dapsone, it seemed reasonable to propose that the multiple drugs now needed for leprosy treatment (either dapsone and rifampicin, or dapsone, rifampicin and clofazimine), both daily and monthly, should be dispensed in appropriate blister calendar packs. In association with colleagues in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, the first designs and proposals for such packs were published from the Slade Hospital, in the International Journal of Leprosy in 1983.

    Colin McDougall retired in 1998 and has continued to support Leprosy Review, having been Editor for ten years from 1978, in revising and sub-editing manuscripts for possible publication and has continued to visit leprosy-endemic countries abroad, mainly for WHO, to assess progress and advise on measures to increase case detection, wider implementation of multidrug therapy and better disability management.

    Information supplied by Dr Colin McDougall, 6 January, 2003.

    Treatment Used/Researched:
    Laboratory Work
    Leprosy Control


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