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    Reading with his tongue

    This man learned Braille and taught himself to read using his lips and the tip of his tongue, the only remaining parts of his body with a sense of feeling. This required so much effort that his tongue and lips literally bled.

    1971, National Sanatorium Kuryu Rakusenen, Gunma, Japan. More details
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    Title Reading with his tongue
    Title(Original language) 舌読
    Year 1971
    Country Japan
    Location National Sanatorium Kuryu Rakusenen, Gunma
    Genre Photography
    Owner National Hansen’s Disease Museum, Tokyo, Japan
    Copyright Kimiko Saito (wife)
    Note 指先に知覚麻痺のある視覚障がい者は唯一残る舌先や唇の感覚を使って点字を覚え、自分自身の力で本を読もうとした。舌読の習得には舌先、唇から文字通り血がにじむほどの努力が必要だった。