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    Category Leprosarium
    Country Nigeria
    Address Port Harcourt


    Uzuakoli Leprosy Settlement was founded by the combined enterprise of the Methodist Missionary Society and the Local Authorities of Owerri Province, and was opened as the provincial Leprosy Settlement in August, 1932, with Dr J A Kinnear Brown as its first Superintendent.

    See also entry for Uzuakoli under Research Institute.

    BELRA/LEPRA workers associated with this leprosarium:-

    James Arthur Kinnear Brown, surgeon, 1932-1937
    Dr Frank Davey, doctor, 1936-1959 (Awarded OBE in 1945)
    Mrs Russell, lay worker, 1937
    Mr Albert Sowden, lay worker, 1937-1938
    Mr Bruce Lansdown, lay worker, 1937-1944 (Became a naval nurse in 1941, the Admiralty released Bruce from Naval sickbay work to take Frank Bye's place at Uzuakoli)
    Mr Fred Tuck, lay worker, 1937-1951
    Mr William Walter, lay worker, 1938-1945

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