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    Agua de Dios


    Category Leprosarium
    Country Colombia
    Address Cundinamarca


    The leprosarium of Agua de Dios was established in 1871. It officially closed in 1961, when the Colombian government passed a law (Ley 148) abolishing the forced isolation of people affected by leprosy. It was then recognised as a municipality, but it continued to provide free health services to leprosy patients, many of whom still lived there as of 2013.

    A PowerPoint presentation (in Spanish) details the history of the Agua de Dios colony, with many pictures of its buildings. It can be accessed here.

    Entry updated March 2016


    Cardona-Castro, Nora. "Leprosy in Colombia: post elimination stage." Leprosy Review 84 (2013): 1-10.

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