International Leprosy Association -
History of Leprosy

International Leprosy Association -
History of Leprosy


Victoria Leprosy Hospital (Dichpali / Dichpalli)


Category Leprosarium
Country India
Address Dichpalli, Hyderabad


Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society received an annual grant from the Mission to Lepers.

In 1911, Dr Isabel Kerr built the first hut for 'lepers' in the Mission Compound, Nizamabad. This soon attracted more patients than it could comfortably house and in 1915 a larger and more permanent colony was established 9 miles away in Dichpalli. A report from 1961 details a daily average of 425 patients in the institution (282 men, 83 women and 60 children), under the care of Medical Superintendent Dr. P. S. Samuel and his staff.
Source: Victoria Leprosy Hospital, 1961 Annual Report.

BELRA/LEPRA workers associated with this leprosarium:-
Dr John Lowe, doctor, 1925-1932
Rev G & Dr Mrs Kerr, field worker/doctor, 1927-1931
Dr Ernest Muir, doctor, 1934-1935
Mr Herbert Spencer, lay worker, 1935
Dr John Lowe, doctor, 1935-1943
Mr J J Clarke, lay worker, 1936-1937
Dr Frank Davey, doctor, 1968-1973

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