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History of Leprosy

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    History of Leprosy


    Ambohipiantrana (later Antsirabè)


    Category Leprosarium
    Country Madagascar


    "Rev P G Peake … drew attention, in a letter to the Directors, to the fact that at this one station the Norwegians …. Have a very compact leper settlement, containing thirty cottages, a chapel and a hospital, with its necessary offices. To specially look after this there is a trained nurse, “Sister Mary,” from Norway, who devotes her time and energies to the residents. There are ninety-eight lepers [sic] now in the Asylum, and when the cottages which require completion are done, they will receive others who are anxious to enter. The inmates of this place learn willingly, and the expression on their faces is of a happier type than those who yet hide in out-of-the-way places. They have regained a new social position, and imbibed the hope that both God and man care for them. A number have been baptised, and there is a church of lepers only.” Chronicle of the London Missionary Society for the Year 1892, ed Rev George Cousins, London: London Missionary Society, 1892: 13-4.

    Leprosaria - Historical References
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