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    Chang-Won Cho

    Korea, 1926- Profile
    Colonel in the former medical corps

    1926 Born in Pyeongannam-do (now part of North Korea)
    Graduated from medical school of Seoul National University, obtained Md.
    1961-64 Director of National Sorokdo Hospital (1st term)
    1965 Director of National Masan Hospital
    1969 Director of 釜山再活病院Hospital
    1970-74 Director of National Sorokdo Hospital (2nd term)
    Met poets Hang Haun
    1974-75 Worked at 江華カトリック病院
    1975-78 Worked at 浦項製鉄医務室
    1978-80 Worked at 江陵聖母病院
    1980-90 Director of 勤労福祉公社 長省病院硅肺センター
    1990 Director of 儒城宣病院
    2001 Director of ヨンナム医療財団福祉医療センター

    March 6-11, 1972 Exhibition of Dying Traditional Arts of Sorokdo
    June 4-19, 1995 Cho Chang-Won Exhibition (Location: Daejeon Citizens’ Hall (South Korea))
    Oct. 1-Nov. 17, 1996 Cho Chang-Won Exhibition (Location: Prince Takamatsu Memorial Hansen’s Disease Museum (Japan))
    November 2000 Oil Paintings Exhibitions, Where Black Spirits Encounter (Location: ソクダン博物館 (South Korea))

    [Poetry collections]
    Sorokdo Dandelions, December 27, 2002
    Sorokdo, Love Songs Once Again, June 10, 2003
    Sorokdo, Song of Tears, October 2005
    Begging throughout a life Chang-Won Cho
    Bitori massacre Chang-Won Cho
    Burying an infected toe that fell off Chang-Won Cho
    Omado settlers Chang-Won Cho
    Over Arirang Ridge to Sorokdo – The road to Sorokdo Chang-Won Cho
    President Lee Jongki being burned alive – final hymn Chang-Won Cho
    Road to Omado Chang-Won Cho
    Song of the spirits Chang-Won Cho
    Sorokdo massacre – the Sorokdo bell rings Chang-Won Cho