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    Begging throughout a life

    Sorokdo National Hospital, Korea, Oil on Canvas, 770x488. More details
    “As you know, I am not a professional artist. If you ask why I paint, it is to pass on the tragic history of Hansen’s disease in Korea, and the especially sad history of Sorokdo to future generations, with the wish that this tragic history will never be repeated. Please forgive me if my artistic technique and depth are not sufficient.

    My paintings focus on the thoughts of Hang Haun, a Hansen’s disease patient. I mostly paint about the tragic history that Hansen’s disease patients endured, especially my thoughts from when I was working on Sorokdo. I will be more than happy if these paintings can give the people who view them at least some sense of the pain and suffering that these souls faced.”

    (From the introduction to the “Cho Chang-Won Exhibition – Sorokdo Light and Shadows”)
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    Title Begging throughout a life
    Title(Original language) 一生流乞
    Country Korea
    Location Sorokdo National Hospital
    Genre Painting
    Material Oil on Canvas
    Size 770x488
    Owner National Hansen’s Disease Museum, Tokyo, Japan
    Copyright Chang-Won Cho