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    Abstract Lotus

    蓮葉の 中に幾つも 五角形 かさねて描く ものの動きは

    2001, National Sanatorium Suruga, Japan. More details
    The dynamic movement of the Universe
    Seen through the overlapping pentagons
    In the lotus leaves.

    By painting leaves of the lotus in overlapping pentagons, the painter expresses the power of the Universe, the power to move this planet Earth just as Jung expressed the “movement of physical matter “in the number “five”. It is a painting that observes the movement of the Universe through the lotus leaves. The yellow and white straight lines are what emphatically express that very movement.
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    Title Abstract Lotus
    Title(Original language) 抽象の蓮
    Year 2001
    Country Japan
    Location National Sanatorium Suruga
    Genre Painting
    Owner Hiroko Kato
    Copyright Hiroko Kato