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    Glow of Green

    奥行きのない絵ですね 本当に 芝居の描きわり 時は過ぎゆき

    2001, National Sanatorium Suruga, Japan. More details
    It is a primitive painting with no depth
    So true
    It is but like a background picture
    How the years have drifted away since

    A pond painted in reminiscence. The pond was situated by the girls’ dormitory of Niirada High School of Nagashima Aisei-en where the painter graduated. It was her early days of oil painting and the poem starts out with a dialogue: “The painting has no depth”. Indeed there is not much depth in the painting and looks more like a set background picture. Yet memories of her high school days come back to her as she looks at the painting, making her realize that so much time has passed.
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    Title Glow of Green
    Title(Original language) 緑映
    Year 2001
    Country Japan
    Location National Sanatorium Suruga
    Genre Painting
    Owner Hiroko Kato
    Copyright Hiroko Kato