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    The Seaweed

    このわれも 海の藻くずと 消ゆるらむ 記憶の底に 潜みたるは何

    2000, National Sanatorium Suruga, Japan. More details
    I too will fade away as seaweed
    Into the depth of the ocean
    What should then remain buried in memory?

    The painter is thinking, as she looks across the ocean, that all living creatures will ultimately return to mother nature. A question at perfection of life, or at death, is “what will remain at the bottom of one’s memory when that time comes”when she herself will one day be swallowed by the sea, like the seaweed.
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    Title The Seaweed
    Title(Original language) 海の藻くず
    Year 2000
    Country Japan
    Location National Sanatorium Suruga
    Genre Painting
    Owner Hiroko Kato
    Copyright Hiroko Kato