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    童話なる お山の世界 月かかる 尖りもつ身の どこかおかしく

    2001, National Sanatorium Suruga, Japan. More details
    A pointed element, the moon
    Over a gentle mountain of the fairy-tale world
    Is somehow an alien element

    The forced isolation institution where the painter was resident in the past is a world that is normally an unlikely world. This normally unrealistic world is expressed as a world of fairy-tale in the painting while the crescent moon is symbolizing the painter herself. If the world of fairy-tale is gentle and round, the crescent moon, with its pointed edges, is a heterogeneous element. The painter herself who criticizes the isolation policy is also a heterogeneous element. She expresses the sorrow and satire against the very existence of a society where discrimination exists in a matter-of-fact manner. It is a painting of criticism and irony towards the leprosy isolation policy as well as to the exclusion and discrimination against people who are different.
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    Title Sadness
    Title(Original language) 悲しさ
    Year 2001
    Country Japan
    Location National Sanatorium Suruga
    Genre Painting
    Owner Hiroko Kato
    Copyright Hiroko Kato